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Hi! We're The Ducktards. Don't let the name confuse you. None of us are ducks and none of us are retarded. However, we are friends, and we are good people. Recently, it had come to our attention that there was this huge uprising of hate-filled application based groups. Where superficial, and unimportant details were thrown in the applicants face by eNazis and outright jerks. We're here to combat that. We're friendly, we like people, we want you to join, but we just want you to be a good person in our eyes. That's all that matters. Not if you're "hot to trot" or some mega-genius. We're all about the personality (Though, we will admit it when someone's hot.. I mean, hey, we have eyes, too! But that's not the most important thing out there, you know.)

We love music, games, and I, the creator, otimus am quite huge on anime. Chances are, if you like something, someone here likes it too.

We'll discuss anything, and everything. We'll debate, we'll hate, we'll love.

Our only rules are as follows:

1) Before posting, make sure you fill out and post the application in the group. I can't stress this enough. After posting, you must be approved by a 66% majority of the membership base, or you will be denied access, and henceforth banned from the group.

However, we will not ban you if you simply make a mistake, nor will we bash you. We want you here, and we will, in the most polite manner, show you how to properly join up.

2) We do not think we're better than you. None whatsoever. Each according to his own abilities, yo. We will fill out this application, just like you did.

We're all stars in this world, and we will admit when we're right, and when we're wrong, and we expect the same of you. Equal treatment for everyone, and not pointlessly bashing another user based on superficial means such as race, or appearance.

3) While this isn't a strict rule, we would vastly appreciate it if you would advertise us to your friends, and other people you know online. We're new, and

we'd like some interaction going on..

Besides that, that's all!

Now, here's that application you heard spoke of.




Affectional Orientation:

Political Persuasion:


Genre of music you prefer the most:

Top 5 Bands/Groups/Artists:

Top 5 Movies:

Top 5 Television Shows:

List the names of the 4 principal characters of Seinfeld (Including character first and last name, and real life first and last name):

Video game console you prefer the most (Pick one):

Video game genre you prefer the most:

Top 5 Video Games:

Favorite Food:

What do you consider yourself? (Emo, hipster, hardcore, etc.):

Your opinion of anime:

If your above answer is positive, list your top 2 anime TV series, top 2 OVA's, and top 2 movies:

If God was a banana, would you eat him?

Quickly, in three sentences or less, explain why you are awesome:

Show us a post of your's from your LJ that you consider your hall of bloggin' fame:

What got you here?

If possible, include a picture of yourself in this application:

Thank You for you participation

Founder: otimus



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