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Mon, Sep. 20th, 2004, 12:02 am
deluxed: Cake Batter is Radder Than Me.

Well, folks, the time has come for me to say goodbye. I did as I told Redmike I would when I discovered the_ducktards: make the raddest application yet, get accepted, then leave.

I would like to say two things:

-- rote and apoplecticfittz: you are far too Mega to be in this community fer seriously. If you are here as a joke like I was, blog on my fellows.

-- otimus, thank you for making this community and this joke even more hilarious for me (and whoever I talked with) by immediately accepting the lamest of lame*, but not me, someone who crafted an answer like, "Wal-Mart Teriyaki Beef-motherfucking-Jerky with California Rolls and Shrimp Sauce on the side," which is beautiful prose that almost defies the human understanding. OMG SO MANY POINTS PROVEN. But hey, I really do love your icon. Cracka. So rad.
Technically I am still a member at the moment, so for the community I suggest this: I really don't think there should be an application, but instead a "this is what I like, just so you know, because you're going to let my lame ass in anyway," type deal. Do you know what I mean? 'Sides, this isn't a very elite group, but more just a group of friends. Why would you "be all trifflin' up in herr" trying to exclude your friends? Meanies.
With love -- from the person who's gotten more comments on her application post than any other post in this community,


* -- No offense to you "lame people," truly. This is a Megablogger vs. Underblogger thing, something that only really sad LiveJournalers like myself (who is somehow totally fucking rad) subscribe to, so don't be offended. No, I'm being serious, do not. Ya'll are just using LiveJournal how it was intented to be used, like people who use the dusters to get the crumbs out of the keyboard, instead of huffing them like the Megabloggers do (metaphorically, hopefully). Well, I actually do use the dusters to get crumbs out of my keyboard, not for getting high (seriously, not metaphorically). This is a paradox that will go down in footnote history.

Tue, Sep. 21st, 2004 08:37 am (UTC)

We need more awesome people in this community, you should stay.