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Tue, Sep. 6th, 2005, 06:55 pm

u guys still alive?

Name: Raymo YE



Affectional Orientation: Hetero

Political Persuasion: The argument is always right

Religion: Christian or am I supposed to say yes?

Genre of music you prefer the most: Dark Jazz Metal

Top 5 Bands/Groups/Artists: Dillinger Escape Plan, 311, Lamb of God, NDR Big Band, Bleeding Through (Quite heathenistic of me)

Top 5 Movies: Kung Pow, Mystic Rivers, Donnie Darko. Im not a movie buff

Top 5 Television Shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Adult Swim, Dr. Phil, Howard Stern

List the names of the 4 principal characters of Seinfeld (Including character first and last name, and real life first and last name):

Video game console you prefer the most (Pick one): PS(2)

Video game genre you prefer the most: Action Sports

Top 5 Video Games: THPS1 & 2, 007 Agent under fire, Tekken3, CoolBoarder 4 (PS2), Metal Gear Solid

Favorite Food: Chicken Subs; specifically, the Quiznos’ Chicken Carbonara White Bread Toasted Submarine Sandwich with Honey French, Hot Sauce, Sweet’n’Hot Catsup, Jalapenos, and bell peppers or yellow pepers. M M MMM Toasty

What do you consider yourself? (Emo, hipster, hardcore, etc.): Emo?

Your opinion of anime: Too complex, I haven’t found the time to sit down n be like OOO ANIME’S COOL. I believe it would be if I found one I liked. But the drawings are heat!

If your above answer is positive, list your top 2 anime TV series, top 2 OVA's, and top 2 movies: um, DBZ...

If God was a banana, would you eat him? Only if heit ordered me to do so.

Quickly, in three sentences or less, explain why you are awesome: I was sober

Show us a post of your's from your LJ that you consider your hall of bloggin' fame: uhh I dunno

What got you here? I was looking for a Christian Death Metal Community through my interests...?

If possible, include a picture of yourself in this application: